Our product range includes a wide range of chelated micronutrient mixture fertilizer, multi mirctonutrient fertilizer(complete edta chelate) and water soluble trace element fertilizer mixture.

Chelated Micronutrient Mixture Fertilizer


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It is atriple powered formulation of fully chelated micronutrient fertilizer for foliar Spray, with the characteristic properties of Zinc, Boron & Calcium.

Benefits :- Regulates generation of plant hormones by natural metabolism.

Makes Pollens& Pollen tubes healthy, Blooms up flowering & enhances fertility rate.

Enhances sugar levels in all types of crops by improving photosynthesis,

Keeps cell wall healthy, protects fruits from cracking, shape distortion, make crispy.

Enhances &strengthens growth of crops.

Detoxifies the effects of heavy metal in nutrition also nullify the toxic super peroxides.

Helps plants to overcome through adverse effects of weedicides & insecticides in plant metabolism.

ZINCABOR is free from sodium ions, have no adverse effects in higher doses also.

Dose :-

Foliar Spray :-

2.5 to 5 ml/ litof water ( First add Zincabor in water then add other ingredients ) after 15 days of plantation or start doses 21 days after pruning of sticks in case of grapes, in case of pomegranate after 15 days of first irrigation & repeat doses after every 15 days till the end of the harvests for all crops.


Compatibility :-ZINCABOR is 100 % Compatible with all kinds of fertilizers,weedicides, fungicides, insecticides& plant growth regulators.


Packing:-250ml, 500ml, 1Lit, 5Lit, 10Lit, 20Lit

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MultI Mirctonutrient Fertilizer(Complete EDTA Chelate)


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BrandRelease Combi WMF

Release WMF(Combi)

Multi Micronutrient Fertilizer


Release WMF is a balanced combination of all micronutrients required for normal growth& reproduction of crop plants. Micronutrients in Release WMF are fully chelated & are 100% water soluble. These nutrients are working in a wide range of pH of soil when applied either directly or through fertigation. Thus Release WMF helps to overcome the deficiency of Micronutrients when used judiciously. Release WMF is a greenish micro granule.


Release WMF is almost fully absorbed by the roots when applied to soil & by the leaves when sprayed on the foliage. Hence suitable for any type of application.

Release WMF provides all micronutrients like Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Boron & Molybdenum. Contains Magnesium & Calcium in a balanced proportion for enhanced efficiency. This helps normal growth & reproduction of the crops.

Release WMF helps in better photosynthesis, better root developments, profuse flowering, pest & disease resistance & helps in many such biochemical & physiological reactions in the plant system to increase the yield qualitatively & quantitatively.

Dose :-

Soil Application / Fertigation:-500gm to 1 Kg per acre

Foliar Spray :- 0.5 to 1.0 gm per Liter of water.

Compatibility :- Release WMF is compatible with all kinds of fertilizers. Release WMF is compatible evenwith phosphatic fertilizers too.

Advice :- for best results apply Release WMF within 2 weeks of planting and before flowering.

Note:- Use a back flow check valve to prevent the material from getting into the water supply.

Packing :- 250gm, 500gm,1Kg

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Water Soluble Trace Element Fertilizer Mixture


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Mingle contains all important microelements in partially chelated form. All these micronutrients play an important role in physiological & biochemical processes of the plants.

Benefits:- Mingle is specially formulated as the state of the art technology for delivering micronutrients with maximum bioavailability, tolerability & safety.

Mingle contains microelements in partially chelated form, helps easy& quick absorption by the crop.

Chelating agent used is an amino acid and thus mingle is an organic complex.

Mingle is a high performance 100% water soluble, available as foliar spray liquid & free flow spray dried powder.

B & Mo in Mingle are not chelated.

Mingle contains Magnesium as buffer to enhance its performance.


Foliar Spray:-

Dissolve 2.0 ml to 3.0 ml Mingle in one liter of clean water & spray on the foliage early in the morning or late in the evening . Dose can be modified taking deficiency of the microelements into consideration.

Soil Application / Fertgation :-

Mingle is also available in spray dried powder from which can be used as foliar Spray @ 250 gm / acre in sufficient quantity of water or can be given through drip irrigation @ 1 Kg to 2 Kg/ acre depending upon deficiency and crop for which it is to be used.

Compatibility :-Mingle is compatible with most insecticides & fungicides.

Do not use along with Phosphorous containing compounds.


Mingle Liquid :- 250ml, 500ml, 1Ltr 5Ltr10Ltr 20Ltr

Mingle Powder :- 250gm, 500gm, 1Kg, 2Kg, 5Kg, 30Kg

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