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Pioneers in the industry, we offer straight micronutrient fertilizer, disodium octaborate tetrahydrate(b-20%), chelated iron fertilizer (feeddha) and ferrous ammonium sulphate from India.

Straight Micronutrient Fertilizer


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Usage/ApplicationGraphs,Pomegranate,Cotton,Soybean,Jwar,Bajara,Maize & Other Crops
FormLiquid & Powder
Pack TypePouch & Bag


We at Agri Search (I) Pvt. Ltd are manufacturing various straight micronutrient fertilizers forSoil Application at our state of the art manufacturing facility under Anmol Series as under.

  1. Ammonium Molybdate :-(NH4)6MO7O24.4H2O

Form :- White Crystalline Powder

Content :- Molybdenum (MO) – 52% Min

Dose :-Soil application / Fertigation :- @ 200 to 500 gram per acre & 25 to 50 gram as foliar spraydepending upon deficiency in the soil & crop response to Molybdenum.

Packing :- 25gm,50gm

  1. Borax Decahydrate :-Na2B4O7.10H2O

Content :- Boron (B) – 10.5% Min

Dose:-Soil application / Fertigation:- @ 2 to 5Kg per acre depending upon deficiency in the soil & crop response to Boron.

Packing :- 1Kg, 25Kg

  1. Magnesium Sulphate:-MgSO4.7H2O

Content :- Mg :- 9.6% Min

Sulphur – 13% Min

Dose:-Soil application / Fertication :-@ 10 to 50 Kg per acre depending upon deficiency in the soil & crop response to Magnesium.

Packing :- 1Kg, 25Kg

  1. Zinc SulphateHeptahydrate :-ZnSO4.7H2O

Content :- Zn – 21%, Sulphur – 10%.

Dose :-Soil application / Fertigation:- @ 5 to 10 kg per acre for Zinc deficient soils & crop response to Zinc.

Packing :- 1Kg, 10Kg, 50Kg

5) Copper Sulphate :-CuSO4.5H2O

Content:- Cu – 24.00% MinSulphur – 12.0% Min

Dose:-Soil application @ 1 to 2 Kg per acre in Copper deficient soil particularly where organic matter is high & for crop response to Copper.

Packing:- 1Kg, 5Kg, 50Kg

  1. Manganese Sulphate :-MnSO4.H2O

Content :-Mn-30.5% Min Sulphur – 15.0% Min

Dose:-Soil application / Fertigation :- @ 2 to 5 Kg Per acre for Manganese deficient soils & for crop responseto Manganese.

Packing :- 1Kg, 25Kg,50Kg

  1. Ferrous SulphateHeptahydrate:-FeSO4.7H2O

Content :- Iron – 19% MinSulphur - 10.5% Min.

Dose:-Soil application / Fertigation :- @ 5 to 10 kg Per acre for Iron deficient Soils & for crop response to Iron.

Packing :-1Kg,10Kg,50Kg

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Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate(B-20%)


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Zealbor is a water soluble Boron micronutrient fertilizer.
Zealbor contains 20 % Boron, a vital element for sustainable crop
Boron :-The main function of Boron relate to cell wall strengths & development,cell division, fruit & seed development, sugar translocation & hormonesynthesis.The Boron requirement at flowering & seed set may be higher than that needed for vegetative growth.Boron (B) has a significant effect in pollen germination & pollen tube growth. The viability of pollen grains also decreases when B is deficient.Boron (B) deficiency increases the drop of buds & flowers, resulting in significant reduction in seed & fruit set & also in the quality of fruits,seeds, nuts etc. Boron maintains calcium (Ca) in soluble form & thus ensure its proper utilization.
Both soil & plant tissue analysis is strongly recommended to assess the available Boron status for all commercial crops. A combination of soil Dose & foliar sprays, depending upon the plant species may be needed when results of soil & Plant analyses indicate a low supply of available Boron for the current crop.
Foliar spray of Zealbor at the pre-bloom or bloom stages of fruit & nut crops supplies available Boron at the critical periods of pollen
formation, germination and fertilization just prior to seed & fruit set.Foliar applied Boron is rapidly absorbed by the leaves and flower buds.
Dose :- Foliar Spray :-@ 50 gm to 100 gm of Zealbor is to be
dissolved in 100 Liters of clean water & spray during cooler parts of the day i.e. early morning or late evening.
Soil Application / Fertigation :- 500 gms per acre per application.
Repeat whenever required.
Compatibility :- Zealbor is Compatible with all kinds of fertilizers &
pesticides normally used.But we recommend “JAR TEST” before mixing with other inputs.
Packing:- 100 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm, 1 Kg, 5 Kg Bucket.

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Chelated Iron Fertilizer (feeddha)


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Lohadrip is a micro granular Iron chelate & is developed for the
correction & prevention of Iron deficiency in a wide range of
Agricultural & Horticultural crops particularly in alkaline and
Calcareous soils.Lohadrip is the 4.8 ortho – ortho isomer which only performs in the soil, particularly in calcareous soils.

Benefits:-Lohadrip contains 6 % Fe as FeEDDHA & is most powerful isomer for alkaline & calcareous soils.Lohadrip is recommended for fertigation & hydroponics & not for foliar spray.Lohadrip is most ideal Iron fertilizer for Grapes, Citrus, Tomato, Brinjal,Capsicum, Chili, Sugarcane, Pomegranate, Ber, Banana, & other crops.

Dose :-Soil Application/ Fertigation :- 500 gm to 1 Kg per acre during peak vegetative growth. Dosage can be modified taking plant tissue analysis into consideration. Repeat if required.

Compatibility :- Lohadrip is compatible with almost all fertilizers to
be given through fertigation

Packing :- 500 gm

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Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate


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MOHAR is a crystalline water soluble solid containing Iron, Nitrogen, Sulphur.

MOHAR is used mostly in the soils where, Iron is deficient and the soil is neutral to alkaline in nature.


Composition :- Iron :- 14% Nitrogen :- 7%Sulphur :- 8%

Benefits :-

MOHAR helps to reduce thepH of the soil increasing availability of nutrients.

MOHAR enhances quick & full greening response for Iron when combined with Nitrogen, in lawns, turf grass, vegetables and ornamentals.


MOHAR eliminates Iron chlorosis by enhancing chlorophyll synthesis.


MOHAR helps conditioning alkaline soils to allow uptake of immobilized soluble micronutrient salts.

MOHAR generates, greater root growth, improved turf quality and greater recovery from draught, when frequent applications of Moharis carried out.

MOHAR control the growth of moss while improving the growth & color of grass.

MOHAR is useful for sugarcane, cotton, citrus,turmeric & ginger and many Iron responding crops.



Soil Application / Fertigation :- 15 Kg/acre during vegetative growth Phase.

Foliar Spray: - 0.5% (500 gms in 100Lit of clean water)


Compatibility:-MOHAR is compatible with almost all kinds of fertilizers except phosphatic fertilizers.


Packing:- 1Kg for foliar Spray.

25 Kgfor fertigation or soil application.

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